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Navratan Stone Jewellery


Navratan Stone Jewellery 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery setted Nine Planet Gemstones Navratan Stone Silver Jewellery is referred to a special type of jewellery that is studded with nine precious gemstones. We offer to customers the highly distinct navratna designer jewellery. The designs that we offer to customers are truly breath defying and can nowhere else be found. These jewelleries have received the praise from world over for their uniqueness and quality. The designs are so developed that they do not have any weak link, this make them highly durable. Also, our jewellery is manufactured using the fine 925 sterling silver and fine quality gemstones to provide it with completely peerless quality. With every change of tide we have grown immensely to become the best Indian navratan jewellery manufacturer and one of its leading suppliers of India.The Navratan, also spelled Navratan, is a combination of Nine Gems corresponding to the planets recognized by the Indian Astrological System. According to the ancient Vedic texts the Sun corresponds to the Ruby. The Moon is represented by Pearl. Mercury is Emerald, Mars is Coral, and Jupiter is Yellow Sapphire. Venus is the Diamond while Saturn is the Sapphire. Finally, the ascending and descending nodes of the Moon, also known respectively as Dragon’s (Rahu) Head is Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) and the Dragon’s (Ketu) Tail are represented by Cat’s Eye (Lahsuniya). Wearing this combination of gems, believed to represent the cosmos, has long been believed to have a beneficial effect on the human body. , white gold rings, white gold wedding bands, white pearl, wholesale high fashion jewelry, wholesale anniversary bands, wholesale diamonds, wholesale engagement rings, wholesale fashion jewelry, wholesale jewelers, wholesale jewelry, woman wedding ring, womens wedding bands, yellow gold engagement rings, yellow gold hoop earrings, yellow gold pearl earrings , Jewellery Accessories, Jewellery Artificial, Jewellery Diamond, Jewellery Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers, Jewellery Gold, Jewellery Laboratory Testing Service, Jewellery Multi Items, Jewellery Retailer, Jewellery Services Providers, Jewellery Silver, Jewellery Stones & Gems, Jewellery Whole Seller .


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